Pont d’Arc cavern, a replica of Chauvet cave

Take a trip back to the dawn of humanity at the Pont d’Arc cavern

Just half an hour from the hotel and well worth a visit: the Pont d’Arc cavern, replica of the Chauvet cave, opened in 2015. Its visitors can view an incredible achievement in terms of archaeological and technological prowess.
Back to the earth and the origins of man

The 36,000 year old parietal paintings, daubed in red ochre, engraved with flint, or marked out with a finger or charcoal, show rhinoceroses, bears, lions and bisons, striking a cord with our aesthetic and spiritual sensitivity. Cutting-edge digital technologies and the architectural success of the site succeed in restoring the original sanctuary with troubling veracity.

The cavern, like the Galerie de l’Aurignacien (an interactive museum portraying the prehistoric men who painted the walls of the cave) will delight both adults and children.

On-line bookings: https://www.cavernedupontdarc.fr/reservez-en-ligne/