In our hotel Mas de Baume, you can enjoy a moment of well-being, Sauna and hot tub, in the pure Finnish tradition thanks to our private Spa for 2 (80€ 1h30). Reservation only by phone at 04-75-93-76-88.

The massages

The Mas de Baume hotel welcomes two speakers. A massage therapist Yanelle Ubeda, practitioner in manual energy treatments, and “Grain d’elle” by Laetitia, massage from five continents and energy treatments. Reservation only by phone: Yanelle 06-82-61-20-84/ Laetitia 06-09-36-10-27.

Practitioner in manual energy care and massage therapist for 17 years.
I also lead workshops on guided relaxation, body awareness, reconnection to breathing as well as training in massage and foot reflexology. For 5 years, I have been broadening my support towards emotional management and the depths of the psyche, by becoming a psycho-corporal and relational therapist . My approach is global. Depending on your needs and what I feel, I offer you personalized care .
I am at your disposal and give you concrete keys for a better everyday life.

The treatments I offer at Mas de Baume

Foot reflexology

It is a set of massage and acupressure techniques aimed at rebalancing the body by stimulating  areas located on and under the foot. They correspond to the different organs and systems of the body (respiratory, nervous, digestive, endocrine, etc.).
It acts through the 7200 nerve endings present in the feet. Bringing deep relaxation, it facilitates good blood circulation.

Plenitude Massage with Organic Essential Oils

An invitation to let go, regenerating and nourishing for body and mind. Alternating ample, fluid, gentle movements with deeper and more energetic pressures, it provides relaxation and tone . It creates harmony, unity and a better perception of one’s body.

The Chi Nei Tsang

It is a Taoist belly treatment that alternates soft and deep touches in harmony with your breath. It reconnects you to your natural and nourishing breath. It is a journey to the heart of yourself that accompanies all digestions, physical, psychic and emotional. It creates deep calm and rejuvenation .

Thai yoga massage

More than 2500 years old, it alternates kneading, deep acupressure on the shens (meridians), stretching and joint mobilization. Both dynamic and fluid, it unravels blockages and deep muscle tension. It promotes body fluidity and ease as well as energy rebalancing .

45min: €60 – 1h: €80 – 1h30: €100

+ €10 travel expenses for 1 treatment of 45 mins – Free if 2 treatments or more

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The treatments I offer at Mas de Baume

Massage from 5 continents

Peace, harmony and vitality
1h20 full body massage combining the best techniques of 5 emblematic massages around the world: Lomi-lomi, Californian, Swedish, Ayurvedic and Tuina.

The massage of the 5 continents is a biodynamic treatment that awakens the natural processes of self-healing by unloading toxins and cumbersome emotional memories. This release of bodily memories acts as body psychotherapy, cleansing traumas and releasing vital energy and the pleasure of life throughout the body. This method brings an impressive physical and mental letting go. It helps to restore confidence, self-esteem and new vitality.

Price: 100€

Life head lift LHL

Radiance of youth
1h25 of face and skull massage combining the best techniques such as cranial osteopathy, Chinese massage, derwiche massage, Japanese, Aboriginal, Indian anti-aging massage.

LHL works on all organs just by stimulating reflex points on the face.
In addition, for the lifting part, you benefit from the benefits of the LHL elixir composed of a complex synergy of 20 vegetable and essential oils for your greatest pleasure.
The face is drained, remodeled, which gives this anti-aging lifting effect, an instant radiance boost. But it is also the vital energy of the whole body that circulates by acting on the immune system.

Price: 100€

Access Bars

Open the field of possibilities
It is the activation of 32 energy points located on the head and which are activated during the session by a simple apposition of the fingers. The treatment lasts approximately 1h15

It is about releasing the electromagnetic charge that translates into your body through memories, blockages, fears, anger, stress, etc.
Access Bars helps to free ourselves from our old limiting patterns, conscious or unconscious, in order to access our full potential.

Price: 90€

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