Canyoneering in Ardèche

Ardèche is an ideal area for canyoneering: there are a number of streams suitable for water hikes and canyoneering excursions within easy reach.

Toboggans, jumps and abseiling in the sumptuous river gorges: the Gecco Adventure leisure agency proposes canyoneering excursions in Ardèche for all abilities, just a few minutes from the hotel.

Family initiation canyon, Sensation or Adventure routes: have a splashing time in the rivers and streams of Ardèche.

The Ardèche gorges, a fun route, suitable for all abilities.

This half-day canyoneering excursion is fun and suitable for all. Small jumps and toboggans in the wilderness of nature: an ideal descent for children or beginners.

Canyoneering in the Borne gorges

This half- or full day route is perfect for a first canyoneering or water hiking experience. 2-8m jumps, which can be avoided, swimming, walking and toboggans: the Borne offers an exceptional setting in the Tanargue massif.

Chassezac in Ardèche

You can go down the Chassezac valley in a canoe… but also by canyoneering. The Chassezac is the nearest river to the hotel. This highly varied canyoneering route through a magnificent granite valley offers a multitude of jumps, abseils and toboggans.

Lozère, canyoneering for experts

If you like abseiling under waterfalls, this route is ideal for you. This deep valley is perfect in spring or autumn.

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